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At Arma Coatings of Wichita, we understand the challenges of maintaining concrete block walls (CMU). While durable, these walls can become unsightly over time due to cracks, gaps, and uneven surfaces. We offer exceptional concrete block filler solutions to breathe new life into your CMU block walls in Wichita and surrounding areas. Our CMU block filler services are designed to address various concerns, from minor imperfections to substantial cracks. We utilize top-quality concrete block filler products specifically formulated to adhere to CMU block surfaces and provide a smooth, long-lasting finish.

Breath New Life into Your Concrete Block Walls with Expert CMU Block Filler Services

Our concrete block filler services go beyond simply filling cracks. We offer a comprehensive approach to restoring the aesthetics and functionality of your CMU block walls.

Here’s what you can expect from our CMU block filler services:

  • Expert Consultation: We’ll start by thoroughly evaluating your CMU block walls to determine the extent of the damage and recommend the most suitable concrete block filler solution.
  • Surface Preparation: Our team prepares the surface by cleaning, removing debris, and addressing any loose or damaged blocks.
  • Professional Application: We utilize the latest techniques and high-quality concrete block filler products to ensure a flawless and durable finish.
  • Additional Services: Depending on your specific needs, we may recommend additional services such as power washing, sealing, or painting to enhance further the appearance and longevity of your CMU block walls.

Don’t Replace, Repair! Effective Concrete Block Crack Fillers for Lasting Results

Replacing an entire CMU block wall can be costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, with Arma Coatings of Wichita’s concrete block crack fillers, you can achieve a beautiful and lasting solution without breaking the bank.

Our concrete block crack fillers are specifically designed to:

  • Bridge and repair cracks of varying sizes in CMU block walls.
  • Provide a flexible and durable finish that resists future cracking.
  • Offer superior adhesion to CMU block surfaces.
  • Prevent moisture infiltration, which can further damage the walls.

Concrete block crack fillers are a cost-effective and efficient way to restore your CMU block walls’ structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Beyond Filling Cracks: Comprehensive CMU Block Wall Services in Wichita

At Arma Coatings of Wichita, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all your CMU block wall needs. In addition to our concrete block filler solutions, we provide:

  • Power Washing: We use high-powered cleaning equipment to remove dirt, grime, and mildew from your CMU block walls, restoring their original color and texture.
  • Sealing: We apply high-quality sealants that penetrate the CMU block surface, protecting it from moisture damage and improving its weather resistance.
  • Painting: Our team of experienced painters can apply a fresh coat of paint to your CMU block walls, ultimately transforming their appearance.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

If you’re looking for a professional and dependable solution for your CMU block walls, look no further than Arma Coatings of Wichita. We invite you to contact us today at (316) 755-9100 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your concrete block filler and CMU block wall service needs. Our team of experts can answer your questions, assess your walls, and recommend the most suitable course of action to restore your CMU block walls to their former glory and protect them for years. Let Arma Coatings of Wichita be your trusted partner for all your concrete block filler, and CMU block wall service needs in Wichita and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Qustions

What is a CMU block?

CMU stands for Concrete Masonry Unit. These are precast rectangular blocks commonly used for constructing walls, basements, and foundations. They are known for their durability, fire resistance, and soundproofing qualities.

Traditionally, cinder blocks were made with cinder, a byproduct of coal combustion. Today, CMU blocks are commonly made with Portland cement, sand, and gravel. While the terms “cinder block” and “CMU block” are sometimes used interchangeably, CMU blocks offer a more comprehensive range of material compositions and applications.

CMU blocks come in various standard sizes, the most common being 8 inches wide, 16 inches long, and 8 inches tall. However, they can also be found in other widths, like 4 inches, 6 inches, and 12 inches, and varying lengths and heights.

While both CMU blocks and bricks are masonry units used for construction, they have distinct characteristics:

  • Material: CMU blocks are typically concrete, while bricks are made from fired clay.
  • Size: CMU blocks are generally larger than bricks.
  • Appearance: CMU blocks often have a hollow core and a rougher texture, while bricks are solid and come in various colors and finishes.
  • Applications: CMU blocks are better suited for structural applications due to their strength, while bricks are often used for aesthetic purposes due to their versatility in design.

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