Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc. offers air sealing for commercial and municipal buildings throughout Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado. If you are a business owner or property manager interested in reducing energy bills and environmental impact, while improving indoor air quality and building comfort, we can help.

Air Sealing for Commercial Buildings

Air sealing represents a massive opportunity in many commercial buildings across North America. Identifying the largest air leaks that contribute to energy waste and discomfort during a commercial energy audit, we are able to cost-effectively address air leakage with minimal intrusion and real, measurable results.

Why Choose Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc.?

Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc. has conducted comprehensive air sealing upgrades on commercial and industrial buildings throughout Kansas and beyond. There is no project too large or too small for our experienced, certified air sealing team.

For more information about Arma Coatings of Wichita, or to learn more about how air sealing can reduce your bills while lowering your carbon footprint, give us a call today.

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  • I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and thank you for your recent work on Briggs KIA in Topeka, Kansas.   Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc. has completed several projects for Senne, and each time we are impressed with the care and experteise exhibited by your crew.   Not only is the job... Read More

  • We recently built a new house in the Wichita area.  Doing research for energy efficient products, we came across Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc.

  • We are pleased to recommend Shawn Wardell and Arma Coatings of Wichita, Inc for your project.  Arma Coatings worked with us on the renovation of the Lawrence Dumont Baseball Stadium in Wichita, Kansas. They were very professional, prompt, did what was expected and we had no call-backs.

  • We could not be happier with the insulation Arma Coatings of Wichita put in our house. Our house is not only warmer in the winter but much cooler in the summer. We had parts of our house that were too hot to use when it was extremely hot outside.