Ply Systems

ply roofing systemArma Coatings of Wichita, Inc. offers single ply roofing solutions for commercial and industrial buildings throughout Kansas and beyond. Fluid applied single ply roofing systems are an energy efficient alternative to traditional roofing methods and increasingly popular for commercial buildings in our region. Benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the primary benefits of ply system roofing. Reducing air leakage through the ceiling, as well as the total R-value of the celing due to its superior insulation properties, this roofing type can save you money on energy bills throughout the year.


A ply roofing system leads to a building that is far more comfortable than a comparable building with a different roof. This is because of its excellent air seal, stopping air from escaping the building and preventing drafts from occuring. Its thermal performance also sets this material apart from other roofing insulation materials, with a higher R-value and longer life.

Building Durability

Single ply systems are constructed of incredibly strong, durable materials, and having a single ply roofing system from Zerodraft installed on your building is an excellent way to improve structural integrity and building safety while saving money on energy bills and enjoying a more comfortable building.

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