Air Sealing

air sealingZerodraft Solutions offers comprehensive air sealing services for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings. If you are a building owner interested in lowering your energy bills while improving comfort and reducing your building's environmental impact, we can help.

What is Air Sealing?

Air leakage accounts for the majority of the wasted energy in most North American homes today. Conditioned air (whether heated in the winter or cooled in the summer) escapes through hidden air leaks in the building, creating drafts and discomfort, and costing you money. Air sealing is the process of identifying and sealing these air leaks in order to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your building. 

Why Choose Zerodraft Solutions?

Zerodraft Solutions is among the region's leading building performance contractors, offering a wealth of expertise and experience that enables us to deliver guaranteed results. With experience ranging from small single family homes, to large industrial facilities, there is no air sealing project too large or too small for Zerodraft Solutions. 

For more information about our air sealing services, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation today, give us a call!